Painting Services

Outstanding residential painting services, on time and on budget.

At Intelligent Coatings, we specialise in all aspects of preparing and painting the interior and exterior surfaces of residential buildings. Our experienced Cairns, Tablelands and Cassowary Coast painters are fully equipped with the skills, resources and innovative techniques to provide the highest quality results to homes of all types and sizes.

Our fully qualified team of Dulux-accredited painters are punctual, reliable, trustworthy and take immense pride in their work. You can be sure we will be on time and on budget achieving fantastic results that exceed your expectations. We are so confident, we guarantee quality workmanship on every project we undertake.

At Intelligent Coatings, we believe that proper preparation is vital for achieving the best painting results. With this in mind, we take extra care to clean down every surface and fully prepare before any coatings are applied. We will fill in any gaps in your walls, remove flaking paint and sand your surfaces before application to ensure the flawless finish we are so well known for.

We specialise in:

  • Walls and ceilings
  • Windows, doors and frames
  • Timber and metal handrails/stairwells
  • Textured/rendered finishes
  • Soffits, eaves and weatherboards
  • Gutters and downpipes
  • Decking
  • Garage doors and floors
  • Concrete surfaces, floors & walkways
  • Colourbonds

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Roofing Services

We are Far North Queensland Colorbond® and ZINCALUME® specialists.

The roof, while one of the most important parts of your property, is normally the most neglected. It's vital that your roof is regularly maintained to ensure that you and your family are protected from the elements.

At Intelligent Coatings, our range of residential roofing services will ensure your roof is in tip-top condition and remaining safe and secure for your peace of mind. Our team of Dulux-Accredited Cool Roof™ applicators will apply a range of innovative coatings to your roof to ensure it lasts longer. Cool Roof provide additional benefits such as increased energy efficiency and a more comfortable, cooler living or work space.

Our roofing and guttering services and products include:

  • General roof & gutter draining recommendations & advice
  • The application of heat reflective membranes & coatings
  • Replacement of cracked & damaged tiles & slates
  • Replacement roof screws & roof cleaning
  • Roofing (including metal sheeting)
  • Leak detection & rust prevention
  • Roof ventilation & insulation
  • Metal fascia, gutters & soffits
  • Metal & Colourbond Roofing
  • Roof restoration & repairs
  • Metal roof battens
  • Re-guttering
  • Fascia work
  • Gutter Guard
  • Wall cladding
  • Downpipe work
  • Insurance work
  • Maintenance & replacement of Whirlybirds
  • And much more!

Stramit® Roofing-Metal Sheeting

Intelligent Coatings use the brand leaders we all know and trust. From traditional corrugated roofing to state-of-the-art concealed fixed decking, Stramit® roofing offers flexibility, energy efficiency and reliable quality. Call our friendly team today to ask about our revolutionary roof jointing system, Stramit FarLap®, for use with Stramit Speed Deck Ultra®.

For more information on Stramit® roofing products, please visit their website to view their product brochures.

Gutters & Downpipes

All gutters and downpipes eventually need replacing. If your gutters and downpipes are rusted, leaking or blocked, call Intelligent Coatings and our team will provide help and advice on a range of solutions to keep your roof healthy.

Colorbond® & ZINCALUME®

Intelligent Coatings are your local supplier and installer of Colorbond® and ZINCALUME® roofing services for both residential and commercial properties. For all enquiries, please contact our Cairns roofing team today.

Accreditations & Licences

  • Fully insured
  • QBCC License Number 15080725
  • Dulux Accredited & licenced applicator
  • Dulux Cool Roof™ residential installer (Licence Number CR533)
  • EBIX trades monitored & approved

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Dulux Cool Roof™ Systems

Energy-efficient cool roof systems in Cairns

Keep your home a comfortable temperature-even in the height of summer, with a Dulux Cool Roof™ system. At Intelligent Coatings, we will apply this innovative cooling technology to homes of any size, helping you to save money on your energy bills as part of an environmental plan.

The Science Behind the Cool Roof™ System

Roof surfaces represent 20% to 25% of a built environment and act as a 'solar radiator', absorbing heat into the building. Up to 93% of a building's heat gain can be attributed to this radiant energy. In turn, this results in a negative effect on a building's energy efficiency to the artificial build-up of heat in urban areas. This then leads to increased energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions.

However, there is a solution! We are able to mitigate the effects of the sun's UV and infrared rays before they are absorbed into the building by applying a heat reflective protective barrier coating, Cool Roof™.

Dulux Cool Roof™ membranes are designed to reflect as much of the sun's energy as possible, reducing the build-up and storage of heat in urban environments. By reflecting more of the sun's energy, the temperature of these surfaces can be reduced by up to 40%, resulting in cooler occupancy zones and a lowering of the demand for cooling energy (e.g. air conditioners and fans). Put simply, the Cool Roof™ system is a simple and effective way of saving you both money and energy.

Intelligent Coatings & Cool Roof™ Systems

Intelligent Coatings are the local accredited and licenced applicator of the Dulux Cool Roof™ system the best and most tested of all heat reflection technology*.

The Intelligent Coatings team can provide and Install Cool Roof™ systems with the latest InfraCOOL™ technology. These come in a comprehensive variety of colours and closely resembles the complete Colorbond® range. The most thermally effective colour is Cool Roof&trade white, which boasts an amazing total sun reflectivity rating of 90%.

Dulux's InfraCOOL™ technology reflects both visible and invisible infrared light, which accounts for more than 50% of the sun's total light energy. Even dark surfaces can be made cooler by using InfraCOOL™ technology, and it offers astonishing savings and a marked reduction in carbon emissions caused by the need to use alternative cooling methods.

*Scientifically proven to reduce costs

In a recent 2 year research study, scientists at the Queensland University of Technology carried out tests on Cool Roof™ systems, and found that the reflective paint lowers electricity bills.

*Latest 2 year research study results-published June 2015.

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